Smart Skills Digital Badges

Creative & Critical Thinking (SSDB2)

Approach problems through analytical, perceptive and creative lenses.

This twelve -hour Smart Skills Digital Badge encourages you to think outside the box, using fresh perspectives in pursuit of positive outcomes.

You’ll cover: Art of Ideation, Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up, Develop Your Critical Thinking Skills, and Analysis Toolbox.

Earning this badge signifies you display the essential qualities to generate new ideas, and formulate judgements based on evidence. You will use logic and reason to evaluate information, consider perspectives and refine ideas, with the aim to improve your ability to identify and solve problems. To complement your critical analyses, you will challenge conventional thinking to clarify concepts and consider alternative solutions. With an open-minded, inquisitive approach, you’ll make a habit of assessing situations in a new light, allowing you to apply original theories to your decision-making process.
  • Creative & Critical Thinking (Canva)
  • Art of Ideation
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Start Up
  • Develop your Critical Thinking Skills
  • Analysis Toolbox
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed