Smart Skills Digital Badges Professional Practice Assessment

Start small and work towards something bigger with the Smart Skills Digital Badges stackable learning model. When you have earned all six Smart Skills Digital Badges, you have the option to submit an assessment to gain a certificate in Professional Practice. This certificate can be used as a potential credit towards a formal qualification. The credit is equivalent to one undergraduate or postgraduate non-specified elective subject at Torrens University Australia. 

The assessment requires you to reflect on the knowledge that you have gained through completing the Smart Skills Digital Badges. The purpose of this assessment is to identify the impact these courses had on you, on your career and your work experience.

On passing the assessment, you will gain additional proof of your work readiness with the Certificate of Professional Practice, increasing your employability opportunities. You can also accelerate your pathway into a formal study by using this certificate as a subject credit for a course of your choice at Torrens University Australia.


What is the assessment process?

The Professional Practice assessment requires you to reflect on your learnings from each Smart Skills Digital Badge. You will be asked to answer four questions about each of the Smart Skills Digital Badge as well as write an overall introduction and a conclusion. It will take approximately 8 to 12 hours to complete and you are expected to write approximately 1500 words. 

To begin the assessment, you can simply follow the steps below:

  1. Once you have completed all six Smart Skills Digital Badges, click on the tile for the ‘Professional Practice Assessment’ on TorrensOnline. You will be redirected to the assessment page.
  2. Select the ‘Get this course’ button and follow the prompts to purchase the assessment which has a cost of $1,000 (AUD). You will now be able to download the assessment document which outlines the questions to be addressed. The document also includes an Assessment Rubric. Use this rubric as a guide when writing your answers.

3.Once completed, you can submit your assessment by email to

  1. Your assessment will be reviewed by an assigned academic who will let you know your result by email. This process can take up to 2 weeks. If you are successful, you will earn your certificate and be eligible for course credit.


How will this task be assessed?

This assessment will be marked on the depth and breadth of your reflection and the degree to which you integrate your learning into your professional practice or other areas of your life.


What happens if I fail the assessment?

If you do not pass, you have the option to repeat the assessment and you can resubmit, as many times as you need – you will only need to pay the cost of the assessment once.


What do I get if I pass the assessment?

After successful completion of your Smart Skills Digital Badges Professional Practice assessment, you will automatically earn your completion certificate. This certificate will be issued through your Torrensonline account.

You will then be eligible for course credit – equal to one non-specified elective subject towards any of our postgraduate and undergraduate courses. You can apply for course credit by completing an  Application for Recognition of Prior Learning form and attach your Professional Practice Certificate.


How can I use my subject credit?

To use your credit you will need to complete an Application for Recognition of Prior Learning form and attached your Professional Practice Certificate.

Please submit the RPL application form and supporting documentation (Professional Practice Certificate) to:

They will be able to help enrol you in your chosen course and apply for your subject credit. If you have any other questions, about this process, you can email us at and we will assist you with your enquiries.

You can read more about Torrens University Australia policies here.