Smart Skills Digital Badges

Championing Organisational Change & Driving Impact (SSDB1)

Become a change champion.

This twelve-hour Smart Skills Digital Badge provides you with the know-how to successfully communicate and implement your vision for success.

You’ll cover: Introduction to CSR, Facilitating Change, Communication During Organisational Change, Navigating Organisational Culture, Introduction to BCorps, and Project Planning Tools.

Earning this badge signifies you have acquired the skills to advocate for and facilitate change in an organisational context. Understanding that individual goals should be aligned to an organisation’s, you will learn how to communicate your vision for change, providing answers for all the crucial questions: what are our challenges? How can we tackle them? What are the associated risks? Why and how should we act now? You will understand the importance of defining future strategies, taking ownership of new processes and demonstrating commitment to project outcomes.

As well as project management skills, you will build on your ability to lead change among teams without undue disruption. As a successful change champion, you will form a habit of reviewing workflows and milestones and preparing for the next set of future-focused activities.
  • Championing Organisational Change & Driving Impact
  • Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Facilitating Change
  • Communication during Organisational Change
  • Navigating Organisational Culture
  • Introduction to B Corps
  • Project Planning Tools
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed